Deleciousness of Hatay Our Adress in Antalya

We have brought the famous Flavors of Hatay Cuisine to Antalya.

Our company has been serving since 1996 and has adopted the principle of offering the best for you.

You will remember the taste of every bite you eat in Kocaoglu Hatay Cuisine, Where our staff, passion, service and finest ingredients will accompany you to a distinguished food experience.

Serving Fantastic food since 1996

Serving Fantastic food since 1996

I started my carier 1996 with my father Salim Kocaoğlu in a Putcher shop in Karaçay Village on Samandağ road. At that time, we have started with 2 barbecues and served grilled meat with bread to our clients according to our resources. Then, when the demand increased, we started to grow the business. Since 1996, we cut our own meat and offer it to the customer. In 2002, we started to work in Antalya as a wholesaler under the name of Doğu Akdeniz Market. In 2008, our company, which is the Eastern Mediterranean Market, has been institutionalized and we continue our way with the title of Taşkın Deniz Et Market. Our company in the village of Samandağ Karaçay village with a capacity of approximately 1000 people KOCAOĞLU DOSTLAR KASAP and KEBAP HALL continues on its way. In 2015, we opened KOCAOĞLU HATAY KITCHEN as the 1st branch of TAŞKIN DENİZ ET MARKET.


Local Tastes

We continue to offer Hatay regional food in Antalya by transferring the rich food culture of Hatay to the next generations. Hatay Cuisine offers many natural flavors such as jam, sweet and natural olive oil to the local customers. Our sayings are as important as our quality.

Daily Fresh Meat

You will remember the taste of every bite you eat in Kocaoglu Hatay Cuisine, which brings labor, love and care together with the finest ingredients. We see that our cooking quality is reflected in the smiley faces of our customers and in the glowing eyes of our customers.

Hygienic Washing

All vegetables are washed individually and the necessary hygiene conditions are provided. The preparation of a dish under hygienic conditions is more important than its flavor. Hygiene is a must for our esteemed guests, for our employees and for our work.

Unsaturated Natural

All products used in the meals prepared in our restaurant belong to Hatay region and grow in organic form. For your tastes, we use unadulterated and naturally grown vegetables. We prepare all our local dishes with the most natural products, we do not use any additives. In this way, we can offer you delicious flavors.