About Us

I started my carier 1996 with my father Salim Kocaoğlu in a Putcher shop in Karaçay Village on Samandağ road. At that time, we have started with 2 barbecues and served grilled meat with bread to our clients according to our resources. Then, when the demand increased, we started to grow the business. Since 1996, we cut our own meat and offer it to the customer.

In 2002, we started to work in Antalya as a wholesaler under the name of Doğu Akdeniz Market. In 2008, our company, which is the Eastern Mediterranean Market, has been institutionalized and we continue our way with the title of Taşkın Deniz Et Market.

Our company in the village of Samandağ Karaçay village with a capacity of approximately 1000 people KOCAOĞLU DOSTLAR KASAP and KEBAP HALL continues on its way. In 2015, we opened KOCAOĞLU HATAY KITCHEN as the 1st branch of TAŞKIN DENİZ ET MARKET.